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July 14, 2024

This training applies to most clinical research positions such as CRAs, study coordinators, and dozens of other industry roles! We are proud to announce that we now offer oncology experience for our internship component for students who successfully graduate. We also support full remote monitoring internship opportunities for this indication!

We help our students to:
  • Understand the fundamentals of clinical research from the perspective of a generalist
  • Gain industry experience after passing the 3 month online course with an optional onsite internship (exceptions apply) or remote internship which is always included
  • Practical job interview preparation, job lead recommendations, and CV preparation that will make a difference.
  • Unlimited support throughout your clinical research career
  • Obtain Oncology as well as other therapeutic indication experience

How The Academy Is Structured

The CRA Academy is a 3 month course that has an optional and free remote internship program where students who successfully complete the three month course (score a cumulative grade of 80% or higher) will be given the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience while working on real studies.

Our academy is 100% online with weekly video modules followed by a weekly live webinar taught by one of our CRA instructors. The 1 hour webinars are held every Saturday at 1 PM PST for the duration of the academy. During the webinars, the lessons from the prior week’s module will be reviewed, questions will be answered, and homework will be assigned. We use real virtual workspaces and actual EDC systems that are used in the industry in order for students to better familiarize themselves with common industry tools.

After the 3 month academy, a final exam will be given and students must pass the exam to successfully complete the academy. During the 3 month course students will also become GCP and IATA certified. Post-academy internships will be made available for everyone who successfully completes the 3 month training.

After successfully completing the course material, students have the option of doing internship activities remotely (online), or at a site near them (exceptions apply), or a combination of the two. There is no additional fee for either of these options and we have seen that students who take advantage of these free opportunities tend to land industry positions faster.

Additionally, we are wholly owned by DSCS CRO which engages in phase 1-4 industry sponsored and investigator initiated trials. Some of our trials on clinicaltrials.gov can be found here, here, and here. Students will be given opportunities to work within our CRO on the above linked trials during the internship phase, and any student that participates in our online internship will have an opportunity to monitor an oncology project that our CRO manages. Certificates will be distributed to students who have successfully completed the coursework.

Why Be A CRA?

CRAs are always in high demand and the career can be quite rewarding. There are however, very few opportunities out there for individuals without any knowledge or industry experience. The minimum requirements for an individual to become a CRA are as follows:

  • Prior industry experience is typically required
  • Must have at least a Bachelor’s degree (foreign degrees are acceptable; degrees do not have to be science related)
  • Must have a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of clinical research

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals that have been operating various clinical research sites, CROs, and consulting companies since 2005. Due to a huge demand, from many of our clients, we have decided to create The CRA Academy as a tool for not only teaching the fundamental principles of clinical research, but also to provide students with some much needed (and often required) industry experience.

Prior to entering the clinical research industry, I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies. In 2013, I obtained a certificate in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business from the University of Sciences, Philadelphia.

In my career, I have worked for private practices, major pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations as a data manager, clinical project coordinator and clinical research associate. I was a Site Director for a physicians network for clinical trials and I currently hold the Director of Clinical Research position for the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation (a non-profit organization aimed to eradicate solid tumor cancer cells with a laser medical device, more specifically a Laser Activated Nanotherapy Technology). I also had the opportunity to teach multiple medical doctors and over 50 pre medical students the basics of clinical research for the National Medical Association.

I have 16+ years of experience as a clinical research professional and I have helped hundreds of individuals enter the clinical research industry.

Dan has owned and operated clinical research sites since 2005 when he learned to become a clinical research coordinator on his own. Since that time, Dan has worked as a contract CRA in addition to being Site Director and a consultant to the life sciences industry.

Chris started out in clinical research as a study coordinator and quickly transitioned into a CRA, project manager, auditor, contracts and budgets specialist, site director, site owner, CRO co founder, amongst other roles that have made him an all around generalist in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The internship is only available to students who pass the final exam. We typically recommend graduates spend at least 3 months for the internship phase however students may intern for as long as they need in order to gain the necessary work experience. We do not charge anything extra for the internship.

Yes. Although we recommend everyone try to intern at a research clinic near them (exceptions apply), most monitoring activities, such as source data verification and source data review, can be accomplished remotely. Furthermore, to guarantee that students gain oncology experience, they must participate in the remote internship.

No. We purposely limit your workload to no more than 6 hours per week and interns can make their own schedule for the most part.

While we have been accredited in the past, we chose to not renew our accreditation due to the fact that we operate as a CRO and Site Network and employers much prefer our real study experience opportunities for our interns rather than an arbitrary accreditation.


FREE 4.5 hour comprehensive crash course of many of the topics we cover.

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To learn more about The CRA Academy, please fill out the contact information below:

    Enrollment Cost:

    $5,000 USD Per Student
    Tuition fee includes 3 month online classes, materials and internship.

    We accept credit/debit card payments only. You may register now if you'd like. Fill in the fields provided on the sidebar of this website with your first name. last name, email address, and mobile number and press the “Register Now” Button.

    Once registered, we will add you to our CRA Academy list and reach out to you soon to collect your payment details. We accept credit/debit card payments only

    Special Circumstances:

    If necessary, the class can be paid for in two installments of $2,500. The first payment is due upon registration and the second payment of $2,500 will be due during the second month of the program.


    Cancellation Policy

    Once access to the course has been granted, there will be no refunds. If a student for some reason is unable to complete the quarter, we can make arrangements to place them in the following quarter's class.